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Highly Customized, Tailored Support and Solutions

One of the single biggest benefits that Walsh IT Group offers to our company is its customized, highly tailored support and solution offerings.  Walsh IT Group understands that no two businesses are alike and that, therefore, no two businesses’ IT needs are alike.  Because of this understanding, Walsh IT Group worked with us to form a package that best suited our company’s needs.  They take into consideration different elements such as the client environment, industry, goals, constraints, and challenges whenever devising a plan to support our IT needs or future goals.  If you are looking for a company to partner with you and help your business grow, Walsh IT Group is the vendor to choose.

Nathanial Lavigne
Director of Information Technology, NACE International

Timely Support at Fixed Rates

For 10 years, we have used Walsh IT Group for all of our IT needs. The cost-effectiveness of using Walsh IT Group has been extremely beneficial.  When it comes to our monthly bill, we always know exactly what to expect as the invoice is consistent month to month, only changing if we have opted to add a service outside our original agreement or if we order new equipment.  Another factor that plays into our continued satisfaction with Walsh IT Group, is their ability to respond to problems or questions in a timely fashion.  From the smallest problem to the major issues, Walsh IT Group has been dedicated to providing us with help and solutions quickly and effectively.  We at Brandt Electrical Services highly recommend Walsh IT Group to any and all companies that are shopping around for cost effective, knowledgeable professionals that make your business a priority.

Paul Brandt
Owner, Brandt Electrical Services

Dramatically Increased Network Stability

In the 6 months since we have moved into our new facility, the efforts of the people at Walsh IT Group have dramatically  increased the stability our network and computer systems.  Their industry knowledge helped us make informed, key decisions when choosing our hardware and software.  With the constant changes that happen in the technology industry, it is imperative to have someone who can educate companies on the newest, most cost effective technology available, walking them through each step of the way.  Walsh IT Group’s knowledge and years of experience translates into a company’s ability to rest assured that Walsh IT Group will take the time to plan out and approach each need or issue with careful consideration, instead of a knee jerk reaction.

Keith Nichols
Owner, Precision Piping Products

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